Preserving the legacy of mid century modern design

Mid century modern style is arguably the most influential design movement of the 20th century, praised by critics and loved by many – including our team of passionate enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the stylistic legacy of this amazing era. With our premium reproduction of the most iconic classics of MCM style, we aim to do our part in preserving this outstanding legacy that profoundly shaped the aesthetics of the everyday.

From flawlessly designed dining chairs to attention grabbing statement pieces, our offer brings the timeless elegance of these vintage classics to modern homes at exceptionally affordable prices. Rich in character and marked by a standard-setting quality, our designs will easily get your imagination going and lead you one step further in your pursuit of a stylish and elegant home.

Design Vision

Our designers spent a lot of time giving their all to make our ideas a reality. As we take our inspiration from Mid Century and Scandinavian design we wanted to bring to life the most modern of furniture pieces that are used in our everyday lives. Whatever the occasion is, our craftsmen made sure that our products do not lack in quality at all and have the perfect balance between amazing aesthetics and overall practicality of usage achieved.

Inspired Furniture

We really think that every single piece of modern design should be something that inspires anyone who steps into your home as much as we believe that furniture is something that should be accessible to everyone while having an amazing look at the same time. We always wanted to inspire people with our furniture. A real standard with the accessible price that will make your everyday atmosphere betterfor yourself and others.

Our Team

We are before all else a team that consists of many amazing individuals who are working with dedication behind the scenes in order to create our brand.

From our designers and marketing sector to the backend and amazing customer support we are all a small family that has only one thing in mind and that is to make your home inspiring and more beautiful than ever!

Safe And Secure Transport

One of the very major factors is to make sure our furniture is always safe on its way to our customers homes. For that exact purpose our channel of supply has been carefully perfected over the years in order to provide you with the safest delivery service possible. Due to major attention to detail, we have accommodated many security checks at all the key checkpoints.