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B2B has never been easier

During our exciting ongoing sale event, we’re pulling back the curtain on something special just for you. We’re introducing an additional layer of discounts for all our forthcoming customers. Get ready to access exclusive pricing that complements the deals you see on our website. So, how does this fantastic deal work? It’s elegantly straightforward. The more units you purchase, the more you save, with the discount percentage escalating with each additional item you buy. If you buy 8 chairs you get a 5% discount; If you buy 15 chairs you get a 8% discount and if you buy 20 or more chars you get a 12% discount that is automatically added to your order at the checkout page. Explore Our Exclusive B2B Discount Scheme.

Dear Colleagues Welcome Back

More and more businesses are back to work from the office. It is important to give our colleagues the warmest welcome and provide them with a high end seating solution that secures maximum comfort. While combining polished die-cast aluminum and sweat absorbing leather our craftsmen created a luxurious office chair that will maximize your results during a dedicated work week.

Your Work From Home Assistant

As a strong business, navigating through difficult times is a priority. Sometimes, working from home is necessary and making your colleagues feel comfortable is a big plus. Investing in your members means investing in your business, and making them happy is also what will skyrocket your productivity rates. Our artisans created a new generation of office chairs with the ergonomic seat that perfectly coexists with the backrest. Special stitching in the middle helps the air come from above and make you feel fresh during those longer hours, while premium leather brings that relaxed feeling which makes any work environment more special.

What Benefits Do I Get As A Business Customer?

  • Easier payment option with the bank transferring
  • Receive invoices in a fast manner for your accounting
  • Dedicated B2B team with one click away to all the information
  • Organized delivery that fits your unique business schedule
  • Easy ordering process with no accounts needed

Upgrade Your Meeting Rooms

Meeting room can be a very important part of your business space. It is a place where you meet new clients, welcome your colleagues and make progress. We want to make your meeting rooms more comfortable and warm while also retaining that professional elite look that is necessary for a striking image. An exclusive office chair is a perfect addition to your slick interior. While perfectly mixing an outstanding quality with modern beauty it brings a completely new upgrade to your working space.

Strong Logistics Infrastructure

Our Icons of Manhattan warehouses have an outstanding capacity of space which helps us organize and efficiently fulfill our orders in a timely manner. In addition to that, we have our facilities in various countries other than just the United States which helps us expand and improve the quality of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your products great for my business?

Besides their premium quality, our chair’s variety of colors and unmatched comfort make them ideal for restaurants and catering facilities.

How many items can I order?

There is not an actual limit on how many chairs you can order.

How should I maintain and clean my chairs?

There are different ways to clean and maintain our chairs depending on the model so here is some guidance for each one.

Indiana Chair
Always make sure to clean your wooden furniture with a damp microfiber cloth in order to remove any kind of grime or dust. Water on wood is never a good idea for a longer period of time, so quickly wipe it down with another dry microfiber cloth. For any regular dusting, a quick wipe-down with a microfiber cloth will do the trick.

Evdano Chair
Most of the linen furniture will be clean if you simply use a damp cloth and mix it with water. For smaller stains, you can go with white vinegar, which is another great natural stain remover.

Packard, Wayner and Wolfgang Chair
Ideally, you should mix warm water with dish soap to create a cleaning solution first. Dip the cloth into the solution and clean the surface of your chair. Use a dry microfiber cloth afterwards to wipe it dry. Good maintenance will prolong the life of chairs and elevate the guest experience, so your restaurant can get more great reviews and more traffic.

Are Your Chairs Stackable?

Even though not all of our chairs are stackable, they are very easy to carry around and fit into even the smallest of spaces.

How many different models do you sell for B2B catering purposes?

We sell five different models with three different color variants with the two exceptions being the Evdano chair with 7 color variants and the Wayner chair with 5 color variants.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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