History and Style

The Chateau Marmont’s Old Hollywood glamour is undeniable. The Spanish-style architecture, with its red tile roof and wrought-iron balconies, evokes a bygone era. The rooms are decorated in a mix of French and Moroccan styles, with plush velvet furniture, antique rugs, and four-poster beds. This interior style makes a perfect interior style for our office chairs, that have some of the elements mixed with Scandinavian minimalism.
The bungalows, many with private pools and terraces, offer even more privacy and seclusion.

Morrison, The Doors, and Beyond

The Chateau Marmont is much more than just its looks. It’s also about the people who have stayed there. From John Lennon and Jim Morrison to Marilyn Monroe and Hunter S. Thompson, the hotel’s guest list reads like a who’s-who of Hollywood history. These guests have given the Chateau Marmont an air of mystery and intrigue that continues to draw people in. The legendary stars of today like Lady Gaga, Leo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and so much more, have spend time in this beautiful complex.

Hidden Corners and Unseen Stories

The Chateau Marmont is notorious for its discretion, with hidden bars, private gardens, and even secret passageways whispering tales of clandestine encounters and untold secrets. This shroud of mystery adds to the hotel’s allure, piquing the imagination and fueling the legend. With the hotels, strict and trustworthy privacy policy, the celebrities have many thing happening inside the complex totally private, allowing the public eye to only speculate.

Visual Art and The Price of Privilege

Many elite photographers used the beautiful interior of the Chateau to make some stunning photographs of singers, actors, writers and overall musicians. They are often posted on their Instagram page, displaying the art and diversity of their elite guests.

If you’re looking for a hotel with a unique history and a touch of Hollywood magic, the Chateau Marmont is definitely worth considering. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price for the privilege. A night in a standard room can cost upwards of $1,000, and the bungalows are even more expensive.

Our Contribution

Working with hotels that exude sophistication, professionalism, and a warm approach is always a pleasure. Our office chairs adorn some of the most beautiful rooms in the Chateau as well as the reception interior. These facilities always draw the best from us, therefore, we work hard to make sure we meet not just theirs but the high-class celebrity standards.

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