June 25, 2024 • Style

We all want to feel comfortable when working from home.

Recently, more and more events have proven that most people will do their weekly chores from home in the future. This fact made us think more about ways to make our living space more comfortable, productive and personalised.

With so many of us moving to work in our study and living rooms, there is an excellent opportunity to decorate your space and adjust it to your personal needs. Opposed to a previous dominant ideology in the corporate world, this new one is about making employees comfortable to perform better.

Various professional studies have shown that ensuring all your employees sit up straight, don’t talk to each other and keep their hands on the table only decreases productivity.

This article will give you valuable tips and tricks to upgrade your working space’s aesthetic and make it more of your own.

Let’s get straight into the topics.

Personalise Your Working Space

Before discussing different furniture pieces crucial for your home office, we want to get into the heart and soul of what makes a great working space.

The truth is that there is never a straightforward answer to this question.

The reason is apparent: we are all different and like different things. Some people prioritise comfort, while others want a more dynamic space. Some like opening the window and working in a fresh environment, while others prefer warm, closed and cosy spaces.

Here are a couple of simple ways to make the space you’re working in reflect your personality:

  • 1. Explore Your Preferences
  • 2. Put Some Wall Art
  • 3. Add Some Interior Plant
  • 4. Choose The Right Accessories

Explore Your Preferences

The following may surprise you, but many people are unaware of their style and preferences when it comes to the interior. It’s similar to fashion, where the same thing occurs. However, this fact is a perfect opportunity to explore yourself and find what makes you comfortable and more focused during the day.

It is always useful to list different things you like and then add them to your home office interior.

This method will also help you decide which accessories fit your space the best.

Put Some Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to express yourself while giving your working space an elegant touch. Still, since your main priority is to stay focused, make sure that you do not get overboard and distract yourself.

One or two beautiful wall art representing something you like is enough to add character to your home office.

Add some Interior Plants

Interior plants are always a good choice, no matter which type of interior you prefer. Dominant in many different styles, interior plants blur the lines between the inside and the outside. This feat proved very beneficial as so many of us were inside our homes for the longest time during the pandemic.

Still, you must stay moderate with the green accessories and keep them minimalistic.

Choose the Right Accessories

Besides the wall ornaments, your desk and wall accessories are the best way to express your character through interior design. We don’t want to be too specific here since you can test your creativity and place anything you like.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a figurine, a greeting card or a mug; the options are endless. When it comes to different alternatives where you can place your decorations, windows are always an excellent option to go for.

The Importance of the Right Lighting

Before deciding which office chair and desk fit your interior the most, it is crucial to ensure your room’s lighting is always on point.

To adjust your lighting the right way, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • 1. Window Positioning
  • 2. Lamp Positioning
  • 3. Main Light Source Positioning
  • 4. Furniture Positioning
    • Window Positioning

      Getting the right amount of sunlight into your working space is crucial for your health. Enough vitamin D and good energy will increase your productivity and keep your energy levels high.

      Based on the position of your windows, you can know where to place your office chair and an office desk to get maximum daylight exposure.

      Lamp Positioning

      During the night, lamps are the primary lighting solution in your home. Ensuring they are well arranged in your living or study room will give you adequate lighting, but it will also cover the blind spots that light can’t reach that easily.

      Ideally, you should have one table lamp and one ceiling lamp, but you can place a few small light accessories to cover up those blind spots. This method will also set the right mood in the room.

      Main Light Source Positioning

      Undoubtedly, your main ceiling light positioning plays a significant role in your room’s appearance. Choosing your main light wisely is crucial, as it will set the tone and define the mood in your home.

      Your Ideal Office Chair

      In the last two years, office chairs reached incredible new heights in popularity. With more and more work from home-based businesses on the rise, people started rearranging their homes to fit their working style in the long run.

      When choosing an office chair, it is important to ensure that the comfort, quality and aesthetic aspects are on point. The rest is up to your taste.

      Our office chair meets the standard you need for a perfect home office with exceptional comfort, stability, and balance

      The only thing left for you is to choose your ideal model and adjust it based on your interior.

      Pick Your Favourite Office Desk

      When it comes to your office desk, it is essential to match it with your office chair to get the best combo. However, you also need to consider your room’s interior.

      If your home office has a more professional look, maybe it is better to go with an adjustable standing electric desk.

      Not only because it looks the part but also because of the positive benefits for your health. We all know that sitting 8 hours every day isn’t good for your long-term well-being—switching between sitting and standing does wonders for your bloodstream while lowering your sugar levels.

      It also lowers the risk of potential heart disease.

      Still, if your space looks more casual, you can always lean toward the regular office desk. Besides its everyday use, you can transform it into a makeup desk or even a nightstand table.

      It depends on how you want to build up your space and what is its primary use.

      You also won’t need to worry if the desk will fit in your space. Sizes are perfect for any interior and can fit even the smallest ones.

      Do not forget that no matter which type of office desk you choose, you always have the option to store items inside every model. This method will help you declutter your space and reinforce your minimalist interior style

      This type of space is also amazing if you go for that Scandinavian design-based space that took the world by storm and is still going strong.

      Inspire Your Productivity

      There are many ways to increase your daily productivity in your home. Check out these tips and tricks that will make you finish your weekly tasks with style.

      Keep it Minimalistic

      We slightly mentioned this, but we can’t emphasise enough how important it is to declutter your space as much as possible. Whether you’re a fan of Scandinavian style, a less crowded room is less distracting. You can also see minimalism in how well you keep your interior clean, so dust it as often as possible.

      Neutral and Bright

      Of course, it is not ours to tell you which colours you will use in your interior, especially if you like a bit edgier look in your home. Still, we have a strong recommendation if you can’t decide and want a default look that you just can’t go wrong with.

      Try to combine whites, greys and browns as much as possible. Then mix them with brightness by exposing your room to the sun.

      Make The Interior Your Own

      It is very important to personalise your space as much as you can. Above all else, this will require you to use as much creativity as possible and not be afraid to express yourself. Adding a unique wall art or a personalised accessory representing your hobbies or music and TV shows you like will do it.

      If you chose a more neutral approach to your home office, adding one more vibrant colour to break the pattern can be good enough to make your interior unique.