June 11, 2024 • Style

You have at least once seen that interior where everything feels light, simplistic yet very high class. The thought going through your mind was: “Wow, this interior must be very expensive.” That is not entirely true, but that’s why so many people worldwide choose Scandinavian furniture as their main decor option.

In this article, we want to present you with different advantages that Scandinavian decor has compared to its competitors. Also, we want you to see different reasons why it started to grow so rapidly in the 21st century. Defined by minimalism, this style has its unique personality traits recognizable across the globe, but it also has a long history that enhances its charm.

What Is Scandinavian Design? A Brief History

It all started in the early 1930s when Dadaism and functionalism were some of European Avant-Garde’s most dominant art movements. Although the word “Scandinavian Design” was first used between 1954 and 1957, almost a century ago, you could’ve seen several exhibitions in Stockholm showing the same traits that you see in modern nordic design.

After the Second World War in 1945, people started expressing an excellent need for furniture pieces accessible to everyone. That is precisely when the nordic style got its chance to shine and present itself to the whole world in all of its glory. High-class and luxurious Rococo designs were replaced with simplicity, a clean look, and northern climate-inspired aesthetics that brought something completely new to the table. Still, there was a minor fallback of the Scandinavian design style between the 1980s and 1990s. The movement got back to its feet fast due to the rising of a retro mid-century modern cult fascinated by the recent past.

The greatest popularity came in the early 2010s with the massive development of social media. During that period, so many different bloggers from Scandinavia started posting pictures and videos of their homes, mainly on Facebook and Instagram. As time passed, people started to enjoy the aesthetic so much that they wondered where they could get some of this amazing design themselves. Bloggers would usually reveal different online and physical stores where they ordered the furniture. Next thing you know, the Scandi style fever started to spread worldwide and is still going very strong!

A Different Touch With A Unique Identity

Everyone knows that nordic furniture has something unique that is recognizable in almost any part of the modern world. Exactly that uniqueness is why this style gets so much attention whenever seen. Many significant components contribute to this fame, but one of the most important is the simplicity of the design. When so many furniture designs worldwide concentrated on as many different details as possible, Scandinavians did a complete 360 and decided to stay true to their culture and roots.

A simplistic design takes his inspiration straight from nature, bringing an entirely new definition of beauty and high class to any modern home. Also, if you take a closer look, you will find that the shapes, colouring, and features are all-natural, made from locally sourced wood. During the long Scandinavian dark days, when the daylight hours reduce to a bare minimum, the interior becomes a focal point and the centre of attention. That is one of the main reasons why Scandinavian furniture creates spacious, bright, and functional rooms, making the whole vibe more refreshing. If you’ve been searching for a way to give your home a breath of fresh design, this can be one of the smartest investments that you can make, especially if you are investing in your home’s identity.

Effective Cost Benefits

If you ask a question: What is Scandinavian minimalism? You will soon find out that it is much more than just an aesthetic. Nordic style embodies minimalism with its whole being, and one of the biggest proofs of that is the price.

From the very start, artisans wanted to do everything in their power to make sure that this type of quality furniture is available for ordinary people so it can be used in their everyday life. With a massive range of items available at a reasonable price, you will be able to afford a stylish look that stands out, screaming high class without being rich and famous. Every admirer of Scandi Design knows that you are investing in one nation’s identity, pride, and history. One of the principal founders of Scandinavian Design as we know it, Sweedish philosopher Ellen Kay wrote a book where she laid out her main inspiration. The book’s name was ‘Skönhet För Alla,’ meaning ‘Beauty For All,’ where she wrote about her struggles to live as a woman in 1899s Sweden. She wanted to change society and often said that ‘fewer but better things and things that work well are beautiful.’ This statement became one of the most significant traits that Scandi Design possesses.

Spacious Look, Neutrality And Practical Beauty

One of the greatest advantages of Scandinavian style is its ability to make any room more spacious. Due to its simple design and neutrality of colours, it becomes very easy for your interior to become much lighter and brighter at the same time. Every piece of furniture has a specific purpose, carefully incorporated into the aesthetic itself. Scandinavian designers managed to kill two birds with one stone and avoid boring furniture that is made only to fill in space. As much as simplicity plays a major role in design’s identity, Nordic style always does its best to bring that feeling of wholeness. To achieve it, artisans spend much time, energy, and focus on ensuring that every piece of furniture has a sense of grandeur in every room.

How Scandinavian Style Changes Your Home?

Having Scandinavian style as the main component for your interior is a great choice, especially if you want to elevate your home to the next level. But how exactly does this decision completely change the look of your home

Scandinavian minimalism completely rearranges the room by making it more spacious and high class at the same time. Every single piece perfectly blends into the environment, but it stands out as a whole simultaneously. That single fact is why this decoration style ultimately differentiates your interior from the rest in beauty and class. Less is more, and so many different reasons prove that true. More and more families want to have functional homes, where it’s more important to move around the house easier than to have large pieces of furniture that look grandiose. Also, the simplistic look of furniture contributes to that non-try-hard vibe that is more and more popular, not just for interior design.